Dirty Bathroom Flirter

Moves faster than Severus Snape confronted with shampoo

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This is my 'slashy' LJ, where I shall post things that are connected to Harry Potter fandom.
Right now, I'm a reader, but trying to be a writer. This LJ needs to be organized and first of all, I need to start posting on it. :)

I'm not a native English speaker so you'll forgive me if I sometimes 'twist' it, but I'm always open for corrections - I want to improve my English. :D

I love happy ends, and if any of you reccs me a sad end fic one day, I'll hire a professional spammer to spam your journal or web page to death! Got that?!


Recently I became helper on PSA (Potter Slash Archive) website, so If I friended you it's probably because I'm:

a) interested in your fics and I want to watch your LJ, so I can recommend your fics for archiving on PSA

b) I'm assigned to you as coder, reader and watcher of your fics (if you already have your fics on PSA)


c) I like your fics/art :)

But I usually leave a comment on LJ. Sometimes, when I just can't find appropriate entry or e-mail I just add to my flist.


Dirty Bathroom Flirter name is generous courtesy of charlotteschaos. Thanks Char, I'm putting down my pants for you! :D

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