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Aug. 22nd, 2009

harry/draco heart

Double standards with erotica/porn magazines

(here's a little pimping)

Recently I heard of Filament magazine and about their struggle to get on a market as an erotica magazine for (heterosexual) women (or gay men).

The magazine is not 'eye feast' only - it also has intelligent articles with selected advertisments (they claim so). These are the previews of issue 1. On the website it says:

Filament does
intelligent and interesting articles
images of men made for the female gaze
high-quality writing and design

Filament doesn't do
fashion and cosmetics
celebrity gossip

GTFO Cosmo.

The biggest struggle they had, was to publish photos of men in aroused state, i.e. with erected penises and to get a good publishers with good printers.

I was wondering why is it such a problem when there are gay porn magazines with erected penises on the market? But then I got an answer from the editor and she said that those magazines have good printers and distributors (and a market for it!) and are sold in sex shops.

Personally, I love erotica and I don't have anything against porn, either (although, when it comes to photos, I prefer erotica rather than gynaecological pornography), let there be porny magazines with naked women, if they are so keen on taking their clothes off but the double standard in publishing fucking annoys me. That's the problem.
There are naked women all around - sports magazines, daily gossip newspapers...you see boobs everywhere! There is even a campaign to shut down infamous Page 3. But when there's women's magazine to be published, to satisfy that part of the market (because, you know, women make more than 50 % of world's population...) the doors are closing and you are met with the wall. Why not for women too?

Take a look at this. Btw, this is the 'uncovered' cover. Talking about double standards...Naked female body is just like a t-shirt - so common and people feel comfortable with it. But when there's something different and fresh...SHOCK!

I was reading the comments on Guardian article and was disappointed to see people (even women) mocking the idea and not taking it seriously, let alone supporting it. We live in modern times, with women's emancipation, rights, we are supposed to have all kinds of freedoms, why not sexual ones too? And why are women not loud enough about it?

This last Saturday I went to Angel (London area) where there's erotica and sex shop called Adultworld that sells the magazine and was ready to buy it. I was actually proud of myself to get inside without feeling uneasy and uncomfortable asking for female erotica magazine, just chatting casually with a sales lady while surrounded by dildos, collars and whips. :D But the woman told me they didn't get it yet. So I will be going back.

If you can, support it, by either linking to it or buying it yourself. They are also on LJ - they set up a LJ community for reasearch of what women find attractive, it's called The Female Gaze. And there is an official journal for a magazine where you can talk to the editor, read news about the mag etc.where you can talk to the editor, read news about the mag etc.</span></span>

Jul. 25th, 2009

harry/draco heart

HP: HBP!! *spoilers*

I went to the cinema yesterday, alone, to see the new film. I got reeeeally excited at the start and was actually glad that there were no trailers :P

I admit I don't remember HBP book really well (details I mean) so I was kinda confused with some scenes...The coffee shop in the underground? As I recall, Dumbledore came to Harry's place and kicked Dursley's arse for not being nice to Harry...or I imagined it? Burning Burrow? Also, shoelaces? (at this point whole room went something between "ugh" "argh" and "ew". :D)

And Draco's cabinet testing with apples and birds? And wasn't Harry supposed to be petrified during Dumbledore's murder? (*sniffle*) *scratch scratch* And even though Bellatrix is supposed to be nuts, she's a bit too dramatic...I dunno. Overall, there should be much more emotions involved :/

I was actually surprised how much stuff they put in the film but I am always unhappy for the stuff that didn't make it...:P

And OMG inferi totally looked like Gollum!!! First Dementors and now Gollum? Oh come on HP producers, lay off the LOTR...

I must say that I had lots of fun - the film had some funny scenes: I giggled like nuts at Ron's qualifications scenes and love potion rection. Oh, and Harry high on Felix Felicis ehehehe :D And 10 galleons for being F&G's brother!!! ahahahahaha Not to mention Cormac's finger lickin' :P In a way, for a moment, they were typical teenagers...

But I think somehow the main character of this film turned out to be Draco...emotions and his behaviour, they were somehow strongest...I am disappointed they didn't show Sectumsempra in action... :((

Ok, this is first, quickly typed impression, because I'm still musing over it...

P.S. I wonder if the film crew made chucks part of Harry's outfit or they just left Dan wear what he wants? :D

Jul. 4th, 2009

Lucius *hee*

Harry Potter cast stuff

1. Dan the Man - Guardian interview with Daniel Radcliffe (of Harry P films, if you don't know him, at least you'd know of HP films :P) It's a long and nice interview, talking about various topics, his interests, opinions and views in life, actually giving insight into his character. Something you can't really tell from taboloids and papparazzi photographs...I think he'll be 20 this month or so, and he seems to be honest, decent and mature person. Maybe it's all an act, just for public image, but who knows...Where he got me is: "I'd love to play a drag queen or transvestite, but not just because of the costumes. Wait, what am I saying? Yes, because of the costumes! If the script was good - I wouldn't just do it because I got to dress up.Although I maintain that I look good with eye make-up. And I'm not going to be an emo kid, so the only other option is drag queen."</li> :D :D :D And from what I've read in papers and online, I think he's got good music taste, one more reason to like him.

2. Oh and did you know Tom (Felton) is on Twitter? The other day he updated with something like "I am ridiculously hot!!!" and I thought, "wow, that guy is so full of himself" but when I read other updates I realized he's talking about the weather. :P

3. I watched Jason Isaacs on Jonathan Ross' show, where he said Madam Gaga instead of Lady, I totally cracked up. :P And when he started talking about Jackie Chan!
At 5.25!!!

4. I found amazing HP art by this Croatian guy! He's absolutely brilliant!

Harry vs. Voldemort
The Malfoys

May. 4th, 2009

Forge dancing

Lolcats are everywhere, I'm telling you

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Lucius *hee*

Jungle book Lucius O.o

Ok, so I recently watched The Jungle Book (yeah, shut up) and when the scene with Shere Khan (the tiger) came I gaped like a fish and started giggling hysterically. Why? Because the voice reminded me of Lucius (Jason Isaacs)!!!!

Wait for 1:32

Feb. 2nd, 2009

Forge dancing

Slash is calling...

Not sure if anyone is going to read this, but yeah...

Um, yeah I'm alive. I moved to London in October...At the moment I'm reccing fics on crack_broom! :D Weeell, nothing new to say. I was reading hd_holidays fics and I must say there were some fantastic fics! I wish holds would be 2 times a year...It's hard to wait for another year...

Oh if you know of any kind of slash gathering or con, let me know :D (damn, why is now that it's so close and possible to attend, Sectus 2009 cancelled?!?!) :((

Also, little thing I saw in London's Soho ;)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Aug. 19th, 2008

harry/draco heart

My fave fics ♥

I'm making a list of my favorite fics so I can have them all in one place. I couldn't be arsed to make links right now, but soon. Also, I'll update this list with more fics ;)

Drop dead gorgeous by Maya
Agnus Dei by silentauror
Test of a character by silentauror
Promises to keep by silentauror
War Wounds by silentauror
Old City Jasmine by silentauror
A house with a blue door by silentauror
A House with a White Picket fence by silentauror
Left my heart/Surrender the Grey by Emma Grant
Sometimes they burn by Emma Grant
Things that seem by Maeglin Yedi
One night at the ministry by Maeglin Yedi
Underwater light by Maya
The Veela Enigma by jennavere
Harry Potter and the Inconvenient condition by Mirabella
Change my world by Charlotte Sometimes
Gay Aurors by Charlotte Sometimes
How to Shag Your Most Hated Enemy...by stellabelle
Blind leading the blind by sansa
The Misadventures of Draco Malfoy, Ferret by sabershadowcat
Transfigurations by Resonant
A thousand beautiful things by Geoviki
Blue Vase by Ivy Blossom
Unintended by Furiosity
From the brink of sunlight by Furiosity
Goodbye to Yesterday by Furiosity
Let's pretend the war is over by pir8fancier
Seeker to Seeker by BaronNomaw
Freudian Slip by jennavere
Clear as mud by scoradh
Sin for me by furiosity
Five ways in which Draco Malfoy ignored the advice of Blaise Zabini (or how to bag a Gryffindor) by malfoypotter
Inconsolable, or How Harry Potter Stopped H8ing and Learned to Love Video Games by novembersnow
For the public good by blamebrampton
All's fair in love and wards
Alohomora Society - A Young Wizard’s Guide to Etiquette
Before we get too old
DIY messiah
Learning to breathe
Master Work
Mend a broken heart
Once upon the time, yesterday
Potter-Malfoy problem
To ignite
The white dragon
Room with a view
With this ring
Underneath the Underneath
A remedy for all seasons
Welcome to the Broom Closet by incapricious
Inconsolable, or how Harry Potter stopped h8ing and started loving video games
Icarus Rising
Spinner's end
Let's dance to joy division by femmequixotic
What You Do With Your Life, A.H.K.B.C.B. (After the Hero Kills the Batshit Crazy Bastard)
Catch me if I fall
Greenhouse lessons by dysonrules
One Harry Potter please (if possible Seduced and Ready?) by faithwood
Blood and Brimstones by calanthe_fics
Hissy Fit by dysonrules
Black coffee on a lonely night by femmequixotic
Darkstar by furiosity
Don't Let's Stop by i_l0ve_my_az
Draco Malfoy, it's your lucky day by faithwood
Warning: Sex Toys, Cigarettes, and Slytherins by Noeon
Says magpie to the morning (Sorrow, take your own advice)
Crossing the channel by tsosh
Savage by marguerite_26
Give chase by tray_la_la
Big dick, come quick by calanthe_fics

Aug. 3rd, 2008

harry/draco heart

HP: HBP Trailer!!!!


I was away from internet last few days and saw it just now....aaaaaaaaaa!! Can't decide is it too soon or too late...I wanna watch it, but it reminds me that there is only one left then...:(

Jul. 8th, 2008

harry/draco heart

End of stealing copyrighted work on the internet?

There's new thingy in the spotlight called TinEye.

It is photo searching engine that works on pixel recognition (if I got it right) and searches for certain photo everywhere on internet.

Here's live demo to understand better:

Jun. 28th, 2008

harry/draco heart

<lj user="andreanna" taking commissions!! Go get something!

Wonderful artist andreanna is taking commissions!! Unfortunately I don't have di nero at the moment, but when I do...;)

Commission info: HERE

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